Downloading Python on Chromebook

How to download Python or text editors on a chromebook? I am unable to download from websites such as they only have options to download for microsoft, MAC, and linux no chromebook option. I am unable to download anything from google play store as well. i have attempted to download a google chrome extension as thats what my search online yielded, and failed.

Just enable Linux on your Chromebook, which is necessary to do any kind of local development on it anyway, and it will already have a semi-recent-ish version of Python installed. Just run python3 and boom, it should just work, no need to install anything.

Also, now that PyScript exists, you can also run Python right from your web browser. A number of sites offer this, so take your pick.


Thank you for you reply. do you know why my chromebook does not have the developer tab option?

To see that option, your Chromebook needs to:

  • Support Linux (all Chromebooks launched in 2019 and later do, as well as the earlier Chromebooks listed here)
  • Be updated to the latest version, which you can do by going to About Chrome OS on the bottom right of the Settings, clicking Check for updates, and installing all updates until clicking Check for updates says that no updates are found
  • Not have that option disabled by your system administrator (if the Chromebook is from work or school)

One the three points above are satisfied, you should see the appropriate option. Otherwise, double-check them and try again.

can we also install idle from the semi-recent-ish version of python?

I’ve been aware of those options, but is there any way I can have it Installed so I don’t have to start up the Linux app or go to my browser to use it? Is it possible to have Python installed as an application I can just start??

I’m not at all an expert on this; I just googled it for you, but as far as I’m aware of those are your two options for using it, either locally or through the browser (which is basically what non-Linux ChromeOS apps are anyway, AFAIK).