Dropping frames from a traceback

I’m working on some refinements to the Python shell in Emacs, and this requires me to manipulate the stack traces a bit, for the user’s benefit.

The problem is that when the user asks to evaluate some region of a .py file, Emacs doesn’t send that code directly to the Python shell; rather, it wraps it around some plumbing code. If the user’s code raises an exception, the plumbing code shows up in the stack trace, which is undesirable.

So instead I send something like this to the Python shell:

   except Exception:
        t, v, tb = sys.exc_info()
        sys.excepthook(t, v, tb.tb_next)

This does the expected thing (hide the current function and all previous frames from the traceback) in Python 2 and IPython. But in the standard Python 3 interpreter I still see the full traceback.

Is there a better way to approach this issue?

PS: In case there are any Emacs users out there, here is a link to the patch I’ve proposed to the Emacs Python shell, containing this and some other improvements: #49822 - 28.0.50; python-shell-send functions show no output - GNU bug report logs. Any feedback is welcome!