Emails are being directed to the spam folders

I’m new to Python. In my project whose backend is Flask, I am tasked with developing a feature to send emails.
I’ve been trying to send these emails, but I’ve encountered an issue where the emails are being directed to the recipients’ spam folders instead of their inboxes. How can I address this problem?

The rules of the spam detection software a particular user is using with never be under your control.

You may be generating email content that looks like typical spam and you could review your content in the hope of minimising those possibility.


If your emails aren’t generally spammy, it’s likely that the way you are sending them looks suspicious, because you’re doing it from code instead of a known email server. Check out Gmail’s guidelines on how to properly authenticate and sign your messages so that they can tell you own the domain you’re sending from.

This does not really seem like a Python question, but in the spirit of being helpful I will point out which you can send test emails to and it will report on lots of reasons that might be making your emails appear “spammy” to mail clients.


And, if you think about it, you wouldn’t want that to be the case. If the spammers could easily work to get their mails past the spam filters, what good would they be?