Eric IDE documentation?

Hi, I’ve been trying to learn the Eric IDE, and have had a lot of problems. I’ve been all over the official web site, and there’s really no documentation that I can find, beyond an old example project in a YouTube video that is focused on a visual layout editor. Curiously, the “Help” in the IDE covers the internals of its source code, but not how to use the thing.

I’ll keep looking, here and on the official site, but I was hoping someone here could point me to some kind of reference. I can’t even find any documentation for basics, like moving editor windows around and making the IDE usable on a Mac in dark mode.

Since the Eric IDE is not associated with the PSF, you’ll likely not find any resources on it here, or on any of the official Python sites. Also, I think this would be considered “off-topic” for this category, since it’s not directly related to discussion of the Python programming language itself.

That being said, I did find the following page on their official website for the Eric IDE:, which contains a link to a PDF resource that seems to be the documentation for the IDE:

We likely won’t be able to provide further assistance on the IDE, but I hope the above is at least somewhat helpful.

Thanks. I’ve seen that page, and it’s not much help. I’m taking a look at other IDE’s at this point.

I do think this is on topic, as the IDE is implemented in Python, which is also its primary target language (hence the name Eric, as in Eric Idle). It also integrates with Python debugging and unit testing. I found it on multiple lists of recommended IDE’s for Python.