ERROR: Error [WinError 2] 系统找不到指定的文件。 while executing command pip s ubprocess to install build dependencies

Windows 7,python 2.7.9,when I installed frida,I use cmd :C:\Users\Administrator>python -m pip install frida-tools==12.3.0 -i https://pypi;then I got an error below: Using cached
88c5de4caaf315365687d5425c9b484df2917bb6ca75/frida-tools-12.3.0.tar.gz (200 kB)
ERROR: Error [WinError 2] the system cannot find the file specified。 while executing command pip s
ubprocess to install build dependencies
Installing build dependencies … error
ERROR: Could not install packages due to an OSError: [WinError 2] 系统找不到指定
的文件。I try to solve it by upgrade pip,but not worked,anyone give suggest I will be grateful。

This isn’t the only thing out of date here.

Python 2.7 has not been supported since January 1, 2020. Windows 7 has also been end-of-life for almost that long.

When you upgrade Pip, it will automatically choose a version that is compatible with your Python version. But the latest Pip version compatible with Python 2.7 is still more than 3 years old. You won’t be able to get support for that any more. Pip is a big project, and the developers have to stay focused on the new versions.

Python 3.8 is the last version of Python that can be used on Windows 7. It will be end-of-life in a few months.

Finally, even if you could install this version of frida-tools, it doesn’t support your Python version. You would need to downgrade to 11.0.0.

But all of that said:

My guess is, the missing “file” is some part of the Meson build system which is used to build Frida. When you try to install frida-tools, Pip has to install Frida first. Depending on your system, there might not be a pre-built “wheel” available, and it will have to build some non-Python parts from source.

Frida is a very complex project with a lot of submodules. You can try to build it yourself directly (by cloning the GitHub repository and following the instructions and checking the documentation, instead of letting Pip try to do it), but you’ll need to get Meson first. (You might also need meson-python. In this case you are out of luck, because it has never supported Python 2.7.)

It won’t be easy and we probably won’t be able to help you with it. You’ll need to choose the right version of Frida (from the tagged releases) according to the version of frida-tools you want, and you’ll need to read the for the version of frida-tools that you want, in order to know the right Frida version. If you encounter a problem this way, you’ll want to ask them for support.

Thanks for reply it.I’m sorry that my python version is 3.7.9,not 2.7.9,I confused them.I’m a noob,if I need to build it by myself,it will be difficult,but I will try it later.Thanks.