Error to connect to localhost

I’m new and my localhost isn’t connecting.kindly help

We cannot without more information. Do you have a transcript of the
error messages? What are you doing? Can you show us a small piece of
code which has this problem.

“Connecting to localhost” generally refers to connecting to some kind of
service on your local machine. If that service (whatever it might be,
and there are many possibilities) is not running, there will be nothing
to connect to.

Where possible please copy/paste the text of error messages and code
into your message directly - screenshots are much less helpful. Place
code or error messages between triple backticks, eg:

 code or error messages here

But also include some description of what you’re trying to do.

Cameron Simpson

Sorry, but it is extremely unclear what you are asking, sorry. “my localhost isn’t connecting” is not a useful description of a specific error sufficient to even hazard a wild guess at what might be going on.

I was about to enumerate a list of the absolute minimum such information, but it appears @cameron has already done so.

Furthermore, it appears you posted within the “Editor/IDE integration” category, the description of which states:

"Discussion place for integrators of Python support into editors/IDEs. Not meant for general users.

Is there something that led you to believe your post was appropriate for that category, and not “Users”, the very first category listed? I’m really not sure how we could be clearer. (I’ve transferred your question to the latter category, and tagged it with “Help” for you).

Are you talking about IDLE?

Otherwise you need to tell us exactly what you are doing, and exactly what happened.

Thank you! am using a remote environment, when the running the program I was using localhost instead of proxy server. Thank you community