Error while doing in PyEMD library

I’m David, I’m new to Python. When I work on PyEMD library, my code has an error, can anyone help me?
My code:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from PyEMD import EMD
df = pd.read_csv(“a.csv”)
lol = df.values.tolist()
T = np.linspace(0, 10,122570)
emd = EMD(extrema_detection=‘parabol’)
IMFs = emd.emd(S)
IMFs, res = emd.get_imfs_and_residue()
vis = Visualisation()
vis.plot_imfs(imfs=IMFs, residue=res, t=T, include_residue=True)

Here, S is an array of data with length 122570
But , when i run, it’s error:

File “D:\Python\”, line 10, in
IMFs = emd.emd(S)
File “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\site-packages\PyEMD\”, line 794, in emd
raise ValueError(“Position or time array should be the same size as signal.”)
ValueError: Position or time array should be the same size as signal.

I hope everyone can help me.