Error with PyQt5

Hello, I’m encountering an issue with PyQt5 in Python. I’ve already attempted a complete reinstallation of Python, but it hasn’t resolved the problem. I also tried reinstalling Visual Studio Code, but that didn’t help either. As a last resort, I’m reaching out to you for assistance. Below, you can find the error message that appeared in the terminal when I attempted to start debugging:

qt.qpa.plugin: Could not find the Qt platform plugin “windows” in “”

I appreciate any guidance you can provide to resolve this issue.

Do you have the same problem when you run the script outside of VS Code, directly from the command line? If not, then it may be a problem with the Settings for Python in VS Code - inspect them and look at interpreter path, and verify that the env is set up as you expect.
If you do, then I don’t know - there may a mismatch between different Qt versions on your system, or another issue with the PYTHONPATH.

I attempted to launch the program in PyCharm, but unfortunately, the errors were completely identical.

But what about on the command line? The problem with any kind of sophisticated IDE, like VS Code or PyCharm or anything that does much more than syntax highlighting, is that they are mostly distractions when you’re trying to learn python and you’re not already familiar with this IDE itself.