Errors running a simple servo program

Hi, I am brand spanking new to Python. I have had good success with Arduino IDE and built many successful projects.
I am trying to learn Python. I copied a simple program from YouTube to rotate a servo. I have Python, Pyfirmata and Pycharm installed. When I run the program I get the attached errors. Any idea what these errors mean, and how to fix them ?
Thanks for any feedback

Please don’t post screenshots.

Copy and paste any code or traceback, and in order to preserve formatting, select the code or traceback that you posted and then click the </> button.

The problem is mentioned in the project’s issue tracker:

inspect.getargs - Not available in Py 3.11 - Replace with inspect.getfullargspec · Issue #122 · tino/pyFirmata (

You don’t say which version of Python you’re using, but I can confirm that for Python 3.11 the suggested change works, as far as I can tell.

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I am on ver 3.12

Thanks for the feedback

Just checked. Also seems to work with the change on Python 3.12, as I expected.

Sorry for being such a noob, but how does one access the Pyfirmata script so that it can be edited.

I assume I would access the CMD function, and enter a command.

It’s just a Python script file.

The traceback shows you the path of the file; it’s the last line you want. The traceback even tells you which line it is.

If you had posted the text instead of a screenshot, I could’ve copied and pasted the path of the file here, but I really don’t want to have to type it in from the said screenshot!

Figured it out. Changed the wording, and everything is running fine now. I didn’t realize all I had to do to access the file was to click on the traceback blue line.
Like I mentioned, this Python is very new to me.
Thanks for your help with this. Much appreciated.


Another easy way to resolve this would be to install pyfirmata2 (All commands remain the same) . The only difference is that the package uses getfullargspec instead, since getargspec has been deprecated since Python 3.11 : )