EuroPython online sprint July 25-26

This year, EuroPython is hosting online sprints July 25-26 and sprint-only tickets are free. I currently have no plans for those days.

Anyone want to participate in a packaging sprint? We could help people learn to package their own stuff, shake out bugs in the new pip (a new release will probably be out by then), have new people interview old-timers and take notes to start architecture docs, follow up on metadata strictness prerequisites

If at least three other people volunteer to participate (either to help newcomers or to do some in-depth collaboration with other experts), I’ll be the coordinator for a EuroPython sprint.


I’m down to hack on bandersnatch, warehouse or black. Might even try something new.

Will keep a lookout on the event wiki.

My calendar’s open then too – I’d like to work on the “self-contained wheel(-only) installer outside of pip” idea that gets kicked around (obviously if anyone else is interested as well that makes it even more interesting :slight_smile: )

But also happy to help newcomers.

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I am also free. PyCon Taiwan (which I’m involved with) has been exploring online sprint and community space options, so I’m also very keen to learn from the experience as well. The biggest problem for me (as usual with this kind of events) is the timezone, however. The EuroPython page doesn’t seem to specify anything about time of days, so it’d be nice to have some clarification on that—and if the event is run around-the-clock, what time people actually expect to be available.

The wheel installer mentioned above sounds like a very good topic to me. There has been some initial work available and I can already think of a few concrete things to work on if people are interested. But I’m also interested in other roles as well, they’d be invaluable experience for PyCon Taiwan :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! I’m also up for it!

Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll register asap

Great! Thanks for stepping up! I’ve created the sprint wiki page and listed it in the EuroPython sprints. If you want to edit that page, create a wiki account and go ahead. Sometime in the next 7 weeks I’ll gather some good bugs for first-timers and link them there – feel free to get ahead of me in doing that.

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If you want to participate, register and get your free ticket. There will be a registration deadline sometime before July 23rd, so, I figure you should register by July 20th or so.

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Oh that’s awesome! I have never actually took a closer look at the code for any of those tools. I think I’ll browse them a little to get more familiarity. Looking forward to it!


Project maintainers: might make sense to start gathering tutorials, TODOs, etc.