Ewa's last day as PSF Executive Director

For those not following the PSF goings-on, and/or not on Twitter, today is @ewa.jodlowska’s last day as Executive Director (see her farewell post, and the original announcement of her departure). I’ve expressed some of my thoughts on Twitter, but I want to make sure people are aware of at least two things:

Ewa’s contributions have been unique, unparalleled and incalculable, and we should all be grateful for her efforts. I’m sorry to see her go, but I totally understand why she made that choice, and she earned it (as well as my undying respect and devotion).

Also, I’m stepping up as Interim General Manager for the PSF, to keep things running while we find the next Executive Director. I mentioned this before in my SC nomination post, but I’m not sure everyone reads those, so I just want to make sure people aren’t taken by surprise. If this affects your SC vote, just remember that you can re-cast your Helios ballot right up 'til the election closes, which is next week.