EXE file created by window 11 64bit works in, but does not open in 32 bit window 7 and show error

Dear sir, Thanks in advance for your valuable support.
I have 64bit window 11 operating system. I created one exe file by using auto-py-to-exe. file is created successfully and works in 64bit window OS. but this application not working in 32bit window 7 OS. And show 2 different error as given. “The Program can’t start because api-ms-core–path-I1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”
Second error is " python312.dll. LoadLibrary: The specified module could not be found."
Provide the step by step solution for both error.
I have installed 32bit python so it work in 32bit OS. but result failed.

You cannot run 64 bit windows .exe files on 32 bit windows.
Which is what the errors mean.

Suggest you build a 32 bit .exe on windows 7.

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If exe file created in 64bit windows 11 and this file does not work in 32bit windows OS then is there any solution. Should I use separate window 32bit and 64bit operating system for create separate exe file for both 32bit and 64bit windows OS. What is standard process using python, please let us know.

Note: Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft.
Also note that 32 bit windows is rare these days as well.

If you must use Windows 7 then I suggest that you use Windows 7 to create the .exe you need.

The best solution is: don’t create an EXE. As soon as you try to create a binary, you open up this entire can of worms - CPU architecture, operating system, OS version, all kinds of things can break once you try to deploy an EXE. Instead, create a PYZ archive, and distribute that instead:

These are cross-platform, and on man platforms, can be double-clicked on just like binary executables.

If you absolutely insist on creating binaries, you will need to go through all the combinations of CPU, OS, etc, and build separate binaries for each of them; you will then need to ensure that your users get the correct one for their platform (have fun explaining to people that they got the wrong one and have to redownload it); and any time there’s an update to either Python or your app, you’ll have to rebuild all the binaries and get them out to everyone. It is a LOT of hassle for very little benefit. Use PYZ instead.

I am new in python.
Please let me know process of zipapp. I searched but not found working process.

One more thing, I use task bar logo on application using auto-py-to-exe. So now how can i do.

When i create exe using auto-py-to-exe then during exe generation process i seen warning message related to DLL file. Does this dll file related impact on created exe file, when it run in 32bit and 64bit operating system.

When i create exe using auto-py-to-exe then during exe generation process i seen warning message related to allmost all DLL files. When i run exe created file in another window 8.1 syatem 64bit, i found error message related to dll files. How can i attach all DLL file to auto-py-to-exe so it get when create exe.