Execute asyncio task as soon as possible


I would like to know how can I execute the tasks group ‘tg_fast’ immediately, and after, continue the tasks group ‘tg_main’(or start again if not possible to continue).
In use asyncio.gather(), the result is like TaskGroup.

import asyncio

async def another_coro(i):
    await asyncio.sleep(.1)

async def coro(i):
    if i == 1:
        async with asyncio.TaskGroup() as tg_fast:
            tg_fast.create_task(another_coro(i * 10))
            tg_fast.create_task(another_coro(i * 100))
        # await asyncio.gather(*[another_coro(i * 10), another_coro(i * 100)])
        await asyncio.sleep(.1)

async def main():
    async with asyncio.TaskGroup() as tg_main:
        for i in range(0, 3):

asyncio.run(main(), debug=True)

printing is 0 => 2 => 10 => 100

But I would a method to get: 0 => 10 => 100 => … OR 0 => 100 => 10 => …

The goal being to initiate 10 and 100 after 0 and before 2.

Thanks you very much for your help.

I want to call ‘another_coro’ simultaneously. Not wait for one and start the second one after.

And I don’t need to finish them, I can execute both until await ‘asyncio.sleep(.1’) and continue the event loop.