Execute .py files in a virtual environement

Hello, i have a problem with my virtual environement. I created an .py file in it, and it still using library from my general environement.
I tried to put the file in the same folder than python.exe (scripts), because this one worked well. But they didn’t react similarly.

So when can I define this file to the virtual environement ?

the virtual environement

The folder scripts

Your working directory should be the directory where you created the virtual environment. Don’t put files in the directories under the “venv” directory. So nothing in speebotenv or any of the directories below that.

To get the benefit of the virtual environment execute the activate.bat script in (again) the directory where you created the virtual environment, so the discordBots directory as your working directory.

Reread this: venv — Creation of virtual environments — Python 3.9.6 documentation

Already tried, but it has not work, i believe their is a bad setting somewhere.
I created another Venv by using PyCharm and now it’s work. I did exactly same commands to install discord.py and this time it worked.