Exporting images from docx including duplicates


I am currently trying to export all images from a word (.docx). However this word has duplicate images and I would like the import to take into account these duplicates and import the images in order.

I could see that the docx2python library allows to export the images of a word but it does not take into account the duplicates.

Would you be able to help me?

You could export all of the images and then delete the duplicates.

I am looking to export the duplicate images as well

Ah, OK, I misread and thought you wanted to remove the duplicates.

Does the document contain actual duplicates, or does it have some kind of reference to an image so that multiple references to an image makes it look like there are duplicates? If it’s the latter, then couldn’t you look for the references and duplicate the images?

there are really duplicate images in the document but when I export these images I find it only in one time.
it’s the first time I manipulate words documents with python so I can’t say more :frowning: