Extract data from MSSQL through Python

I need to edit the data from MSSQL through Python. I have already catched the whole table from MSSQL Server but I just need to fetch a few data like due day and due day +2 from this table.

Here is my Python code:

from smtplib import SMTP
from sqlalchemy import create_engine
from datetime import datetime
from datetime import timedelta
import pymssql
import pandas as pd

query_string='select* from [MTB_TEST_EE].[dbo].[PM_calendar_rawdata] ’


Here is my MSSQL code


FROM [MTB_TEST_EE].[dbo].[PM_calendar_rawdata] with (nolock)

where [Due_Date] >= convert (date,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)
and [Due_Date] < convert (date,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP+3)

I want to ask how to edit the python code that I can just fetch due day and due day +2 from MSSQL Server in python

Thanks everyone for help!

(the following lines doesn’t seem to work , when I executed it, instead of extracting data within 2 days after due day, it fetched the whole table)

where [Due_Date] >= convert (date,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)

and [Due_Date] < convert (date,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP+3)