Extract values from same csv file based on column value

I have this csv file:
1st field is entry or exit, Second is Id and third is time. So in short entry and exit time based on Id.
I want to extract the first entry and first exit of same id and then minus the exit time from entry time. Like in this case, I want first row which is [‘Entry’, 25, 10.05] and [‘Exit’, 25, 25.25]. Output I want is [25,15.20].

[‘Entry’, 25, 10.05],
[‘Entry’, 25, 15.25],
[‘Entry’, 25, 20.25],
[‘Exit’, 25, 25.25],
[‘Entry’, 35, 30.20],
[‘Entry’, 35, 70.25],
[‘Exit’, 35, 80.20],
[‘Exit’, 35, 90.20]

I need help

Try the csv module.