Find which python code are using more memory

Goodmorning, I’m working on a complex python project which is composed by different python codes and checking on the memory usage, I notice some jumps and I would like to trace which code among all codes generate that jumps. Maybe using also a background process wich analyse the list of pythons code are running and give me the memory usage. thank you very much
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From question it’s unclear what tools you are currently using so any suggestion might point towards something you already know. For example, there is built-in tracemalloc - Trace memory allocations. Among other things it provides:

Statistics on allocated memory blocks per filename and per line number: total size, number and average size of allocated memory blocks

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I’m using multiprocessing library. Maybe is difficult to describe entire project, but I would ask you another question. Often code stops when I try to copy many big files and read many files in different processes (launched in multiprocessing mode). I would ask if is possible to add a check of availability ram memory and retrying a process when memory is available. For example if copy file give me error, could be possible to repeat copy command until process successes, without stopping entire project?

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