First post deleted

I googled how to submit a PEP, discovered the recommendation is to get it beaten up here first.
Created an account, spent about 20 minutes carefully formatting, only to get the message below.

Frankly this is rather clumsy. I don’t know if it will be approved within 12 hours or not for 2 weeks.
To add insult to injury I’ve since had messages upgrading me and inviting me to post.

If you don’t allow raw new users who have never replied to anything to create a post then tell them that instead of accepting their post and then telling you suspect it’s SPAM and it’s going to be hidden for a while which might mean indefinitely.


Our automated spam filter, Akismet, has temporarily hidden your post in Request for comment PEP: Make the Exception class a context manager for review.

A staff member will review your post soon, and it should appear shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Looks like it all got sorted out. I am curious how much of this is controlled by the admins and how much of it is controlled directly by Discourse, which not only provides the software but AFAIK also hosts our site.

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Well in retrospect it looks like I rather jumped the gun. It was approved in < 60 minutes.

It was logical that my first post was suppressed. My account was 5 minutes old and I make a new topic. I had lurked for a while before creating an account but of course the bot couldn’t know that. And I’m sure spammers are not above selling V… and Nigerian princes here.

It’s just a bit upsetting that your very first post is flagged as spam. Other sites say stackoverflow tell you, you haven’t the credentials yet to do certain things. And how to earn cred.