Fixing simple typo in comment (not document)

I am requested to review this pull request. The pull request fixes one typo in C comment. (“it’s” -> “its”)

I think we had not accepted this kind of pull requests to avoid git log going messy. But I can not find this convention in devguide.

Have we had the convention as I rememberd? Is this convension still active?

No, we have always accepted PRs that fix comments, including ones that fix a typo.


I find why I remembered:

“Do not do cosmetic changes to unrelated code in the same commit as some feature/bugfix.”


  • Pull requests shouldn’t have cosmetic changes to unrelated code.
  • Pull requests do only cosmetic changes are not accepted too.

Maybe, “it’s” -> “its” in C comments was not a pure cosmetic change, even though users never see it.

So I don’t reach this conclusion from that sentence. The point of that sentence from the devguide is to say, e.g. “if you’re making a semantic change for import.c don’t go tweaking indentation in warnings.c at the same time if that’s all you’re doing to warnings.c.” It isn’t meant to suggest that fixing comments to be correct is not allowed on its own. (And please feel free to tweak the wording as necessary to communicate that).