Following python in 30 days on day4 print[my_var] is not working

print[my_var] print isnt working to print the list [1,2,3,4,5]
im using py 3.9 they’re using 3.8 i tried 2to3 cmd that didnt work either I tried d/l’ing 3.11 have been able to install it yet
im new to coding so I need a step by step. the print in prev vids didnt work either . im on a chromebook Vers ?

Post the code you are running and its output exactly as it is.
Do not paste pictures of the screen. Copy n paste the text into a preview, the </> button.

Then we can help you.

Hi Mark.

A couple of things, from you post.

You can’t mix brackets and a list object needs square brackets. Also you use the equals operator to assign values to variables, so:

my_list = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

I’m only guessing at what comes next, but if the goal is to print each value of the list, then you’ll have a for: loop, right?

When you call a function, such as the print() function, you pass any arguments to said function, inside the parentheses.

Maybe (again, my best guess) your code should be something like this:

my_list = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

for my_var in my_list:

It’s always best, when you ask any questions, to include the code that you’ve written: post any code, formatted. If you’re unsure how to do that, then ask.

I trust that this will get you back on track.

Go to youtube see the 4th day video of 30 days of python. The first few minutes, I follow along and type it EXACTLY like whats shown in the video i only put these notes as the example to show you what i was discussing… the print[var] isnt working in 3.9 python build
If i can have assistance with the fix for this
Like i said i tried 2to3 it didnt work either. All of the windows builds on python . Org for 64 bit are AMD. I need to find a 3.8 d/l for Chromebook. the 64bit amd d/l’s are not compatible with Chromebook. ITS NOT THE Parenthesis AS you pointed out in my notes.
The print isnt working i had a prev issue with it in day two video as well. i type print [var] it puts in . . . 3 dots And NOTHING else.

I just checked and aside from the list being 1 to 5, it is exactly as I said.

No point in coming on here asking for help, then rejecting to help you are given.

If you can run anything at all in Python, then the problem isn’t the Windows build, or whether it is 64-bit, or AMD, or Chromebooks. If that was the problem, you wouldn’t be able to run Python at all.

The problem seems to be that you keep typing the wrong thing.

print[var]   # Wrong, bad, this will not work!
print(var)   # This will either work, or give a useful error message why it doesn't work.

We don’t know what this “30 days of python” video is, and we’re not going to waste our time going to Youtube and searching for it. If you want us to look at the video, you need to give us the URL so we know we’re seeing the same video you are. And even then, we’re not likely to watch a beginners video all the way through. At least give us an approximate time stamp (how many minutes) of the section you are trying to follow.

I did in fact find it, after Mark said about YT and the YT vid is sound; no worries. Mark then simply rejected what I had posted, but it seems that he (or someone) has since removed that post.