Frontend Bug on Packaging Guide

Greetings i see this bug on this page of the packaging docs. Thanks

I don’t see this on my browser:

I’m using Windows 10 and Edge. My screen is medium-sized.

On 12/12/21 09:09, Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer via Discussions on wrote:

[Abdur-rahmaanJ] Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer Abdur-rahmaanJ
December 12

Greetings i see this bug on this page
of the packaging docs. Thanks

Screenshot from 2021-12-12 19-55-50

Hi Abdur-Rahmann - it might help if you described what the issue is.
The weird page formatting I don’t see either, but there do seem to be
some kind of odd things in the setup.cfg itself (at least to my eyes)

It came after i toggled the drawer few times

What browser and what OS are you using?

Could you post a video of how you interact with it from opening the page to seeing the bug so that it can be replicated?

We might want to move this to the Packaging forum, since the Packaging Guide is administrated by the PyPA rather than core dev, and is about, well, packaging.

In any case, I was unable to repro the issue on FF + Win Pro, including after rapidly switching tabs many times and doing many resizes. @Abdur-rahmaanJ , can you reproduce this consistently? Seems likely to be a browser specific rendering bug, which might not be practical or possible to try to patch around in the CSS/JS.

The doc theme is the same one as the main docs though. It’s hosted on GitHub - python/python-docs-theme: Sphinx theme for Python documentation.

Good point; I actually should have thought of that aspect, since I’ve made minor contributions to the theme in the past and even just commented on a PR there a day ago, heh. Though, since the user stated that it happened after switching back and forth between the tabs on the site, I though that might be something bespoke to the packaging guide linked-tab UI.

Now that I think of that, I think I can recall seeing a similar layout issue once or twice on the Python docs when I was resizing the window rapidly, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember how to reproduce it and I haven’t seen it since, so I didn’t report it. If @Abdur-rahmaanJ can reproduce it consistently, then perhaps it can be fixed.

I officially cannot reproduce it …