Gimp, a python app, not loading some plugins

hope I’m not pushing whats relevent to this forum too far, but seem to have exhausted the Gimp support on this one, so was hoping to get ideas or help at the python ground zero
folks here may already know but Gimp it is a super powerful open source alternative to photoshop.
it has a facility to add plugins when loading, they can be either .py or .exe or scripts.
they can be put in a system folder in the program files section or can be selective per user (windows) by putting them under your windows users directory, in this case,
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins\ (xxxxx being the logged in user)
I’m trying to use a very common and successfully used plugin,, from Ofnuts’ Gimp Tools. these folks have some incredible Gimp add-ons that are widely used in the Gimp community.
I have tried to put the plugin in both the system and user directories and it does not load, or perhaps if its there, for some reason its not showing.
To narrow down some possibilities, I took a plugin that loads, that came with the standard Gimp, in the system folder, deleted it there, and moved it to the user folder and it also loaded there. so I know at least I can load plugins from either folder.

when Gimp loads I see the name flash by, like all the all the other loaded plugins, so at least it ‘sees’ it during its loading phase.

I’ve programmed a lot in many languages but very very little in python, really just some scripting.
I was wondering if there is a python debugging environment or a way to turn on debugging, where I can watch the plugin loading phase for messages? I loaded Gimp from the command line to see if any messaging came up in that environment.

As I said, I know this a stretch for this forum but hoping to get lucky to get some trouble shooting ideas.

I was trying another .py plugin and unknown to me its install package included installing gimp. after I started it and saw it was copying files for the gimp install, I canceled it because I didn’t want to go there. so some of the gimp files were replaced. after that the ofnuts plugin was loaded and working. so problem is solved but certainly not the way I would have preferred. now I will check if I can save my current gimp configuration and do a complete uninstall and install with gimp

Glad you got it solved. Just FYI, GIMP is not “a Python app”; it is an application written in C that supports (among a number of other languages) extensions written in Python. Essentially everything in your question is specific to GIMP, so unfortunately there wouldn’t have been much any of us here could have suggested, unless by pure chance someone happened to be a GIMP power user/plugin dev. Cheers!