Git server for python interpreter code

A very simple question - is there git server with url for python interpreter code? I got it from tarball for linux though git appears to be on github website and however I am looking for official git server of python org. Simple search gave one page of wiki Git - Python Wiki and it has link for it as It actually appears non existant. Pls point if there is one. There must be server before git was invented and do we have history of it in latest and possibly svn to git migration.

The official repo is hosted on GitHub. Before then the repository used Mercurial, see PEP 512. Sounds like you might be also interested in these ancient versions that got preserved also.

The page you found was originally part of a proposal regarding migrating from Mercurial to Git, and the migration when it happened went slightly differently. But you’d be most welcome to edit the wiki and update the URL to the actual GitHub one.

To my understanding python is actually interpreter after building cpython and cpython is not different project extending python further. So I will refer history of cpython. I could not understand mercurial access to older repositories and do not see read-only repository access server links for tracking commit logs/patches/history. I just need to check changes in Parser, symtable, Object and Eval code path and may be few more with log/history/code changes.
I perceive these areas rarely get lot of changes.


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I wouldn’t be so sure about that :wink:

Listing the 1000 files with the most changes (commits) in the entire CPython repo with:

git log --name-only --pretty=format: | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | head -n 1000

The most commonly modified file (after Misc/NEWS and Misc/ACKS) is in Objects, Objects/unicodeobject.c with 1714 commits, with Python/ceval.c (the core interpreter eval loop) in 3rd place, after configure. Most of the main Parser files are in the top few percent, and Python/symtable.c is in the top 150 of of >20 000 total files (top 0.7%).

Just looking at the past year with

git log --name-only --after="2022-06-01" --pretty=format: | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | head -n 200

Python/compile.c is number 1 after the What’s New, second is generated_cases for the core interpreter, ceval.c is the fourth most modified (not counting the Makefile), a number of Objects are in the top few dozen, the various Parser files and symtable.c have changes well into the double digits.

indeed that is true and first thing i checked log on ceval.c and it is about 25k lines of logs though i found significant changes like frame optimisation are what i am looking out. Over time I will go through it though PEPs are also better reference.