GitHub "Discussions" Feature: Are we interested?

I can try asking if GitHub would enable the beta “Discussions” feature for a repo within the Python org. Is this something we’d be interested in? If so, which repo would benefit from this feature?

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Seems like we already have as well as all the mailing lists – do we really need another way?


Since it’s part of GitHub, it would be same as getting new PR notification emails from GitHub, so I don’t see it as “yet another way”.

Given this would be spread discussions over one more medium, this sounds counter-productive to me.


Fair enough. I have asked if the Discussions would be an optional feature that we can disable once it’s out of beta.

If we did opt into Discussions on GitHub I would assume we would shut down a discussion space. We would also have to be very clear what sort of discussions would occur there (e.g. is this specifically like getting involved kind of questions, python-list/beginner sort of questions, python-dev, etc.?).

To me it would act as a Stack Overflow kind of replacement, but I don’t know if it’s worth trying to displace that for the community.


For trialing, I’ve enabled the Discussions feature for the python/core-sprint repo
And this is a setting that we can turn off from the repo’s settings if we decided not to use it.

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