Github Repository Creation

Hi, I need help on how to set git for python project. A link will help most! Thanks

The easiest way is:
(a) get a github account
(b) make a repo in that account for the project
(c) clone the repo to an empty folder on your local machine
(d) copy the python project files into the new folder
(e) “git add” them and commit them as the initial state
(f) “git push” updates the github repo from your local repo

Cameron Simpson

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Don’t you need an SSH key to push updates to github?

There’s https access, but I do not know if that is readonly or supports
pushes etc (presumably with some sort of authentication).

I use ssh myself.

Cameron Simpson

It supports pushes; you just need to enter your username/password on them unless you save it in some sort of credential manager. I use ssh myself as well, with caching of my SSL cert credentials.

Thanks I got it…

Ohk. Take me through that also. I will check both…