GitHub XED Building Instructions

I’m trying to follow the abbreviated GITHUB building instructions as shown here below:

git clone GitHub - intelxed/xed: x86 encoder decoder xed
git clone GitHub - intelxed/mbuild: python-based build system used for building XED mbuild
cd xed

The first three commands works fine. But when running the last one I get the following error:

VMEHTA@XFL-DEVS MINGW64 ~/xed (main)
$ ./
bash: ./ /usr/bin/env: bad interpreter: Permission denied

but if I run the following command ($python from the Git-Bash prompt I even get more errors:

VME***@XFL-DEVS MINGW64 ~/xed (main)
$ python
[MBUILD ERROR] Could not find MSVS 2022 directory

File “C:\Users\VME***\xed\”, line 106, in
retval = work()
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed\”, line 100, in work
retval = xed_mbuild.execute()
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed\”, line 2819, in execute
xed_args(env) # parse command line knobs
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed\”, line 992, in xed_args
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed..\mbuild\mbuild\”, line 1081, in parse_args
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed..\mbuild\mbuild\”, line 987, in process_user_settings
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed..\mbuild\mbuild\”, line 1308, in set_compiler_env
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed..\mbuild\mbuild\”, line 417, in set_env_ms
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed..\mbuild\mbuild\”, line 255, in find_ms_toolchain
env[‘vc_dir’] = msvs.set_msvs_env(env)
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed..\mbuild\mbuild\”, line 1637, in set_msvs_env
vc = _set_msvs_dev17(env, x64_host, x64_target, vs_dir)
File “C:\Users\VME***\xed..\mbuild\mbuild\”, line 714, in _set_msvs_dev17
die(‘Could not find MSVS 2022 directory’)

I’ve installed python version 3.11 in the following directory c:\python on Windows 8.1 Pro. Do I really need to install Visual Studio 2022 on Windows 8.1 ? I do have Visual Studio 2019 installed on the same computer that I’ve installed Python.

@steve.dower 8.1 xed build question

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No idea, sorry. You’ll be best to ask the developers of that package, since it’s the one popping up the error.

Only one I can really comment on is this:

bash: ./ /usr/bin/env: bad interpreter: Permission denied

This is usually the error that MinGW gives when you’ve installed Python from the Windows Store. MinGW’s Bash isn’t compatible with Store apps. It should be the same as Git Bash though, so perhaps running python will work there. For Python to work through shebangs, you’ll need the original installed version (this is because Bash tries to read the contents of the file to see if it’s an executable before executing it, but the links used by Store apps aren’t recognised).

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