Gmaps - distance counting application

I want to create an application that:
-always the starting address will be the same (“HOUSE”)
-user enters destination address, application Calculates the route and shows how many kilometers and what time

  • the application shows 5-6 nearest stores (before that, enter the addresses in the application, e.g. 20 stores in my town) and information on how many kilometers and what time of arrival

Is something like this even possible?
Where to find tips/tutorials?


The first step to writing any program is understanding properly what it actually needs to do.

What does “calculate the route” mean? What information will it use in order to do the calculation? Where will that information come from? Do you expect Google to tell you the distance between two of the points on the route, or do you want your own code to do it somehow (e.g. by processing the latitude/longitude information for the points)? Is that a straight-line distance, a driving/walking distance (you can’t always drive in the same places you can walk, or vice-versa), or something else? What do you mean by “the route”, anyway?
What does “HOUSE” mean? Do you want to remember the information about the starting address inside the program code? Inside a local file? By having Google Maps remember it for you (i.e., using some kind of login and user account there)? Something else?

Okay, I’ll try to explain:

  1. The program is supposed to calculate the mileage for a car (i.e. on streets) from Google Maps
  2. I want the whole thing to show up on Google Maps (website)
  3. The starting point (“HOUSE”) will always be constant - this is the address of my house, the information will be included in the program code

Sounds like what you want is the Google Maps API. Plataforma Google Maps  |  Google Developers Be aware, this is kinda big, so you might be reading for a while.