Good Python Practice Problems

Hello I am new to programming and Python. I am trying to practice what I’ve been learning. Does anyone know of a website that has python practice problems that will show you the solution and HOW they got the solution?

LeetCode has many practice questions ( Don’t know if they also show how they got the solution - but you could see if it suits your purpose. A signup is required, and you choose your language. It’s not bad.

Yes, besides its official solutions, LeetCode also has enormous amounts of solutions posted by users. (I’ve posted many solutions there as well). Look at the top-voted discussions for each problem to find good ones. Sadly there are vast hordes of people who have absolutely no concept of self-restraint and dump solutions there just because they can, even when they’re terrible or have been posted by thousands of other people already, so that posting them is worthless and just swamps the few interesting solutions, making them harder to be seen. In recent years, there has also developed a large amount of flagrant explicit begging for upvotes. But if you can tolerate these and other issues, LeetCode is still good.