Google Summer of Code project for adopting Hardened C/C++ Compiler Options

Hey folks! I’m excited to announce that the Google Summer of Code proposal from @nohlson to adopt the C and C++ Compiler Options Hardening Guide in CPython has been accepted! :partying_face: Nate will be working on this project over the summer and will receive mentorship from @dustin and I to help him be successful during his time on the project and beyond in his open source journey.

The guide itself is intended to use compiler options to avoid some common memory safety issues in C code. Thanks to @mdroettboom for attending the Memory Hardening SIG meeting and putting together the initial issue and @hugovk for suggesting the approach of incremental adoption.

If there are questions about the proposal you can ask here or on GitHub and they’ll be answered.


Hello all sorry for the late response! I am excited to get to meet you all and help out.

My plan was to get performance baseline to work from and then using the guidance provided by the working group to start assessing new warnings and performance impacts as the original issue outlines. Afterwards if we deem any new tooling necessary I will work to get that implemented.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions let me know!