Googlemaps Module Not Found

Hi, I am trying to use googlemaps package in a program to calculate shortest distance between multiple google maps destinations, but I am facing this error

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “c:\program files\mu_code\”, line 2, in
import googlemaps
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘googlemaps’

HI Vikram, it seems you havent installed the package.
Ummh did you pip install googlemaps before trying to use the googlemaps module?
but if you have it already installed, then you need to use the appropriate interpreter to run your program

On Windows, it’s recommended that you use the Python Launcher:

py -m pip install googlemaps

Yes, I did install googlemaps.
@kyle Can you share about the interpreter?
I just installed VSCode. Will that help?

Hey mehn sorry for the late reply…
Nice if you have VScode then do this… on the search bar at the top just type > … then you will see a bunch of results, click the Python:Select interpreter. From there you will see the available interpreters to choose from( which are the different PATHs if you installed numerous). You will have to select the appropriate one for googlemaps work in your current script.
Keep us posted if it works or not, or if you found another solution.