Grammarly in reply

Any idea why Grammarly doesn’t work in replies? I am not a native English speaker and I am keen to provide good reading to native English speakers. So I do use Grammarly not just for correction, but also to add characters, which are not native to my language and I don’t regularly insert them when I type (such as ').

I don’t know, whether this is influenced by the browser (I am on Edge 112.0.1722.48) or whether it has to do something with the site. Grammarly works when entering a new topic, but it doesn’t work in replies.

Hey @Juandev - Unfortunately I don’t know - It seems this category is not read that much, you might be able to get an answer if you repost in the Discourse Feedback category?

Yes Discourse Feedback would be a better category for this question, but probably only marginally so. My guess is that it would be much more efficient to look for answers where the software powering this forum is actually made:

Maybe there is answer in there: Search results for 'grammarly' - Discourse Meta

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Maybe it is the problem on your end, I can use Grammarly in python Discourse

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