Has CHM help been formally removed from Windows Python 3.11?

It seems that the compiled help CHM file is not distributed with Python on Windows since 3.11, but the content is now distributed as standalone html files.
But I couldn’t find any formal note about that, and it’s not listed on What’s New for 3.11.
So I can be clear I’m not missing something, is there a change request where this was altered?
(I’m not suggesting that we should keep CHM files. It appears that Microsoft are deprecating it: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamicsax-2012/appuser-itpro/deprecated-chm-help-files)

I don’t think a formal note was made, but I found this: Include HTML docs with Windows installer instead of CHM · Issue #91242 · python/cpython · GitHub.

Oh well found! That’s helpful to me. Thanks! :smiley: