Having problem uninstalling python 3.11.5 to down grade to 3.10.2

The python when i uninstall says uninstall was successful but its not gone i even restarted my computer to see if its gone still not gone so i can use stable diffusion on my computer but i just used the wrong python any ideas on how to fix please let me know

I’m a little confused - why do you want to uninstall Python 3.11?

You can have multiple versions of Python on your system without problems. Seems like I have at least eight different versions here.

Simply install Python 3.10 and then either use python3.10, or much better, create a virtualenv and use that.

You shouldn’t be installing packages right into your system Python, it’s a poor idea because it dirties up the installation. Keep that installation clean, and use a virtualenv.

Here’s a nice primer on how they work: Python Virtual Environments: A Primer – Real Python

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I guessing you are using windows.

Why do you think python 3.11 is still on your system?
What exactly did you do to show this?

As stated you can install lots of version of python at the same time with them interferring with each other.

You can configure the py command to run your default choice of the installed pythons.

These are the docs for using python on Windows: 4. Using Python on Windows — Python 3.12.1 documentation

when i go back in to my control panel and go into programs and features its still there when i press uninstall it will say uninstall was successful from the python uninstall popup but nothing has changed i even went to my windows setting went to installed apps tried to uninstall it there nothing has changed. when i try to install 3.10 version it popup the newer version already installed error 0x80070643 to this point can you tell me how to just remove it fully with out needing to set everything back to default.

Sounds like there is something wring with Windows.
I have not encounted this type of thing on Windows with python defore.

These are all guessing on my part:

You could try to first repair the installation and then try to uninstall.
If that does not work you could try running the python setup again and then try to uninstall.

If all else fails you could track down all the settings in the windows registery and try to remove them, but you need to very confident you know what you are doing as a mistake could break Windows.

thank you so much i had to go into windows registry and uninstalled it now its gone so again thank you

You may have more Python installations and you are uninstalling the one, which is not in PATH set as current. I would just install the one you need and change it in the PATH.

On windows I use the py command then contents of PATH does not matter.

py -3.10

You can edit thje py.ini file to set the default version of python that the py command runs with options.

On my windows 11 system the py.ini is looked for in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\py.ini

For a default of python 3.10 you would put this in the py.ini: