Hello aka my toe being dipped

Hello. I’m very new to Python and coding more generally. I’ve started on Automate the Boring Stuff as this seems a well trodden path. I’m fairly old at 56 to start coding and notice my cognition is poor but improving, slowly lol. I have a fairly ambiguous plan: Python3 to intermediate level. Dataset selection processing. Transformers. Bertish training. Telegram/Messenger/Slack API. All using free credits. Collaboration is very much needed and come around to the idea of asking for help and advice. Had many chats with Claude Opus on Constitutional AI which I find fascinating. Been down the rabbit warren and discovered, to my initial sense of quite strong dismay, that conversation AI fabricate ie Hallucinate quite a lot. But I am hooked. I want to Dev a personal growth based bot. So hello and if welcome any advice and reality checks :joy: