Hello From Europe

Hello Fellow Python Community members,
I am Alex a.k.a. Ari, I left the MS Windosw world about 10+ years ago (in the time of Windows XP and before Windows Vista and Windows 7) first for mac world for about few year and about 10 years ago moved to the Linux World, from the start GNOME was familiar since I was Mac user. so I am in the Red Hat World for a while now (Fedora Labs, Fedora Workstation, CentOS and Scientific Linux). My Core OS for work in Fedora Workstation (now 32) and home PC, Fedora Silverblue and Arch. I fully support any FOSS (free and Open Source Software) projects (web+apps+games) in the Linux world especially.

Most of my daily work includes coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, R, C, C++,MeanJS and mostly Python.
Python is a great and powerful language and with Django Framework web apps are developed fast and best part for me from Python is the python Library SciPy especially for my profession as data scientist. Python Discourse looks like a great and helpful community and I am glad I am part of it and joined up.

I wanted to join sooner but I waited for May 4-th (great day for a great start like I did with R Discourse).

EDIT: Live Long and Prosper :vulcan_salute:
Regards, Alex.


Welcome @AstraAdria4Ari, we seem to have a lot in common. Iā€™m also new to this forum and have hi hopes to be able to contribute.

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