Hello, I'm new here :D

Hi, everyone! My name is Mateus. I started to learn Python recently, and I’m loving it!

I’m from Brasil (or “Brazil”, if you mean), and I’ve been learning Python through “Python para Zumbis” (Python for Zombies), a free introduction course about Python from Fernando Masanori (an enthusiastic person who does a lot for the Brazilian Python community).

I’m not from the tech area - I actually work as a bartender, focusing on beer (and studying A LOT about it :D). I’m passionate about other beverages and food, too - always seeking to understand WHY they exist and how they relate to different people and different realities.

Furthermore, I always liked to play with data (mostly through MS Excel) and, through the last years, my interest in Data Science kept growing, especially because the SciComm community made a lot of buzz about the possibilities within it. Getting in touch with Python was, mostly, a consequence: a lot of great people were creating APIs and programs that exposed amazing insights about our world - and they were bragging about how easy it was to do it ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) and how the Python community was democratic and supportive.

On the moment, I’m on the earliest stages of learning Python - there ain’t really much I can do with it, honestly. And it’s been a lonely journey, which makes it harder to solve some puzzles and tasks (and, also, less fun). I’m looking forward to learning a lot and, also, to dedicate time to help people inside the community - I’d love to help brewing projects and ideas, if it’s within my abilities (or if you won’t mind to wait until I catch up on anything I need to learn in order to help you :sweat_smile:).

As for my personal projects with Python, there’s a HUGE potential for a lot of ideas I didn’t even know that were possible. Coming from the beer/beverages scene, I’m looking forward to developing databases and codes that’ll help people learn (and enjoy) more about aspects and processes related to foods and drinks.

If you’re on very early stages of learning Python, like me, and/or you identify with anything I wrote above, feel free to hit me up! English is my second language (though I’m not great speaking it), and I can get around with Spanish (quite poorly, though). Also, speaking Portuguese is inevitable :brazil: Looking forward to meet everyone :wave:

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Welcome to the Python Forum, @MateusGaropaba!