Help call a dictionary from a file

Hi, I am trying to make a dictionary from other file, but when I call it I can’t.

import time
import os
import sys
import user


osfile = os.getcwd()
customdata = input(f"\nDashboard\n\nCurrent directory: {osfile}\nWelcome to!")

if customdata == "-changestats":
    data = str(input(f"Gender\n{user.genderchange}\nDeveloper\n"))

def datacheck():
    if data == "Gender":


genderchange = {
    "Gender": "Male",
    "Female": "Female"

developerchange = {
    "Developer": "Game",
    "Developer": "Website",
    "None": "None"

The call to time.sleep(2) seems to be unnecessary, it just pauses the
program for two seconds.

In two different places you call

str(input( ... ))

but input already returns a string, so calling str() to turn a string
into a string is just a waste of time.

In your datacheck() function, you call str(input( … )) but you don’t
do anything with the answer. You need to assign it to a variable or else
it will be lost.