Help I don't understand how to do mathmathics

Guys I did mathematics and looks d*(o/p)g+ar/g) and d =1.225 and o =99109.9322 and p = 1.01325105 and g =9.807 and a = -0.0065 and r = 287 it should give me this answer 1.276567641 but how matter I tried gives me a worng answer am I missing a thing here?

Show us what you’ve tried so far. Refer to this guide for how to format the code.

You have a mistake in your formula or your values. Either you copied it down wrong or you derived it wrong.

I don’t understand one thing: why you people when asked for a code you post an image?

I mean, putting an image is complicated: you have to do a screenshot, save it to a file, open it in a graphical app, cut the contents, save it back, send it to the forum, wait for transmission…

While putting a text is simple: select, Ctrl+C, Ctrl-V, send and Presto! :smiley:

OK, but back to the question: there may be some error with placing brackets, but I can’t see that clearly. Text would give us more info.


What we really need is to see the original formula you’re trying to replicate. Honestly a photo/screenshot would be best there because your attempt to transcribe it into text lost a lot of information we’d need.

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I actually asked people on other websites how this happens. The leading theory is that people are writing the code on a computer, but posting on the forum from a cell phone (which is also used to take the picture).

This is how it looks and I want it in python it made crazy tried to put alot of time and I really appreciate your help but I would like to fix the code

Wow that is nothing like what you wrote


I haven’t tested though, can someone confirm whether ** works with floats?


>>> 2**0.5

I think so! :smiley:

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Ty so much sorry for wasting your time you really helped me