Help me fix my code files

So, I tried moving my python code files into a place where I could see them because they were in the App data folder (I have windows 11). I usually open files directly from the python app I have and the background in white with all the file, edit, run, etc. options.

But once I moved the files, the code would open in a black background, and I wouldn’t be able to code. I just lost a 150 line, original code program I JUST WROTE. I’M FREAKING OUT NOW. Please help!

How are you opening them? Double clicking? Try right clicking and picking Edit or Open With - sounds like you’re using IDLE perhaps.

I fixed it. Thanks for trying to help though!

What’s the Python app? There are many to choose from.

If you have moved files from their original location, Recent Files won’t know where they have moved to so you won’t be able to open them from Recent Files.

In the Windows file explorer, go to the folder where you moved the files to. Do you still see them? If no, then somebody – maybe you – has deleted them, and we can’t help you.

Or you are in the wrong folder. Look more carefully.

Once you find the files, choose one and right-click on the file. Choose Open With and use Notepad to open it. Can you see the code you expect to see?

Close Notepad. Now open your Python app, and there will probably be an Open menu. Use the Open menu to go to the same folder where the files are, and open the file you want.