Help Needed: Django Form Generator - Relational or Non-Relational DB?

I am developing a dynamic form generator using Django, with the aim of creating an internal application similar to Google Forms. This application will allow users to create their own forms, with the ability to add basic elements according to their area requirements. Has anyone worked on a similar project?

Considering that at some point the application will be used by approximately 5000 users, what would be the most convenient database model to use: relational or non-relational?

Currently, the system considers two types of users: those who create the forms and those who respond to them, and access to the application will require registration and login. I would appreciate any recommendations or advice, as I am new to web development.

The size of the user base tells you almost nothing about what database model to use. It depends on the kind of logic that’s needed to create the forms, and how the user data is involved in that process. It also probably doesn’t matter all that much and there is quite a bit of room for personal preference. I strongly recommend that you start prototyping with whatever you’re most familiar with, and reconsider this question only once you have encountered a concrete problem with a concrete reason to suspect that changing the database model would help.

In this case, your first priority (assuming you aren’t also new to Python) should be getting familiar with Django (or whatever other web framework you choose - notice how you didn’t ask us about this choice?)

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