Help w/ University Assignment

I’ve got a fairly lengthy university assignment (4 different programs) that I could really use some help with (just one section of code I’m still working on). Any chance anybody is willing to send me a message so I can send the files?

I can post them all here if necessary, but they’re pretty long.


Hey Ryan; I’m afraid we can’t help do your assignment for you, but if you aren’t sure how to approach a particular objective, if you explain your approach so far we can help you understand the basic concepts involved and how to break the problem down into manageable chunks, and point you to resources to learn more; and if you have specific questions about issues you’ve run into and have tried to solve on your own but haven’t been able to, we can likely help there too. You’ve been good about asking questions to expand your knowledge and learn more, so I think that would be a fruitful endevour for you beyond just completing the parameters of the particular assignment. Cheers, and best of luck!

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Hi CAM - Sorry I should have been more clear. I wasn’t looking for somebody to do the assignment, but one part has me pretty stuck and there’s a total of 4 files involved (classes, functions, etc.) With that said - I actually figured it out tonight (although I admit it was just a ton of trial and error until something worked :joy:)

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Hey, sorry I got kinda confused above and thought you were asking for something different than you actually were. Really glad you got it solved! In the future, you could post them as private Gists, or as a private Github repo and then share the links, and it might be a good idea to be more specific about what you’re asking to avoid any kinda of misunderstandings like this (since unfortunately, we do run into people who want us to do their homework for them; in fact as a Spyder developer I had one guy dm me repeatedly asking me to literally do his complete hw from him from scratch and that he’d paid me, and I had to keep telling him no and why I wasn’t going to do that). From your previous great questions you didn’t seem like that kind of person, so I probably should have not been so hasty to assume anything like that, sorry. Thanks, and best of luck!