Help with Code tutorial

Hi, i came across a python tutorial and executed it. however i am not very sure i did it all the way. so i am posting it here for assistance if there any issues the experts can see and help explain them to me.

Try IT yourself
9-1. Restaurant: Make a class called Restaurant. The init() method for
Restaurant should store two attributes: a restaurant_name and a cuisine_type.
Make a method called describe_restaurant() that prints these two pieces of
information, and a method called open_restaurant() that prints a message indi-
cating that the restaurant is open.
Make an instance called restaurant from your class. Print the two attri-
butes individually, and then call both methods.
9-2. Three Restaurants: Start with your class from Exercise 9-1. Create three
different instances from the class, and call describe_restaurant() for each

class Restaurant:
    """A simple attempt tp model a restaurant"""
    def __init__(self, name, cousine): # My __init___ Method:

        # Attributes = name
        self.cousine = cousine

        # make a method called describe restaurant
    def describe_restaurant(self):
        # print these two pieces of information.

        # Make a method indicating the restaurant is open
    def open_restaurant(self):
        print(f"{} is open")

# Instance for the class
restaurant = Restaurant('Global Kitchen', 'Tokira')

# create three other instances and describe_restaurant()
amba = Restaurant('Spicy-Kitchen', 'Kontommre')
ramzy = Restaurant('lapei-kicthen', 'Banku')
bl = Restaurant('Blue-Hills Hotel', 'Tumpaani')
# print the two attributes:

# call the methods

# call describe_restaurant with the three new instances

Users: Make a class called User. Create two attributes called first_name
and last_name, and then create several other attributes that are typically stored
in a user profile. Make a method called describe_user() that prints a summary
of the user’s information. Make another method called greet_user() that prints
a personalized greeting to the user.
Create several instances representing different users, and call both methods
for each user
Please note i have seen None twice in the results of this code, i just don’t understand how that is come about.

class User:
    def __init__(self, firstname, lastname, age, education, married, employed):
        self.firstname = firstname
        self.lastname = lastname
        self.age = age = education
        self.married = married
        self.employed = employed

    def describe_user(self):
        print(f'Profile: {self.firstname} {self.lastname}, {self.age} years old, a {}, fully {self.married}, and {self.employed}')

    def greet_user(self):
        # Print a personalized message for your user
        print(f"Hi {self.firstname} you are welcome:")

profile = User('Amin', 'Umar', 47, 'Developer', 'Married', 'Employed')

Before asking for help, it is best to try the code and see what happens. If there is a specific problem that comes up, that will let you ask a more specific question.

It should be spelled cuisine instead of cousine, but otherwise the class looks fine. It is a little bit overkill to use an f-string when you want to print just one variable (like in describe_restaurant); print can accept any object, not just strings.

No problems here.

Please see this Stack Overflow question to understand the problem: