Help with good python books

I want assistance with the best illustrative books i can read at home learning python. am currently not engaged and can spend time at home learning. i have been watching videos, but sometimes i get stuck because further explanations are not done. books somehow give very detail explanations to concepts.

kindly give me suggestions if you would please

It would be helpful to know what your programming experience is as well as how much Python you have learned so far.

Although not a book, this website is one of the better ones:

As for books, I’d recommend this site. Al Sweigart is so very generous, that you can read his books on-line.

aww thank you Steven:
i am very new to this and programming as a whole.
so far i have gone through topicks like fundamentals, that include tutorial on
comments, numbers, List, set, tuple, dictionary, inputs, functions. variable, strings, logicals and loops.

so am very basic in this.

For folks brand new to programming, look for books for, well, folks brand new to programming, e.g. not “Dive Into Python” (which I think is great, but only if you have some coding background – and it’s getting pretty old and kusty :slight_smile:

“Think Python”: dead trees and free online! is a good one

“Learn to Code by Solving Problems” is another good one (dead trees only :frowning: )