Help with my pyproject.toml

This post belongs in another thread (Where to get started with pyproject.toml? - #26) and got split from moderators. Please do not respond, I dont need help.

Original reply:

I created one today and I also wanted to avoid any unnecessary additional files.
No, no setup.cfg or or requirements.txt anymore.

On the dev branch pyproject.toml atm:

I commented what would be necessary for further specification, but isn’t needed in my case (yet).

I got the required information from:
setuptools documentation and from python orgs packaging projects guide


Hello, @fanantenana-dev . Welcome to Python!

Thank you for showing us your pyproject.toml file. Do you have a question about it? I don’t see any questions in your post.

I would suggest that you start a new topic with any questions you might have. It will get better attention than messages at the end of this old topic.

No. This is an answer to the original thread It shows an example. Other people who see it because they found the thread on google (like me) might also want to see another example instead of using hours in documentation. It does not make sense to split it.

Ah, I see. I saw this in your message:

I did not get the impression, from that wording, that it was an example in response to the questions above. Re-reading it, I can see how it could be interpreted either as a request for help or as an example solution, depending on what the reader brings to it.

The good news is, you have contributed to the forum’s wisdom, and your contribution will be visible to the search engines. Thank you!