Hi, I am new to python forum, but not Python, from New Zealand

I have been around python for a long time, around when it was still 2.x, but because it is always changing I am not always abreast of the latest changes. However I run a Jupyter server where python is my main language for scientific analysis.

Hopefully this is a good place to connect with other people, to ask questions, and if I know the answers I might be able to answer a few.

Here is some of my experimentation with python jupyter notebooks if anyone is interested:

I don’t know whether there are any rules I should be aware of. Some places are relaxed and some places are very strict so I am not sure where this one fits at the moment.


Probably most posts should be in the Python Help category. There’s a
short pinned post here:

which mentions formatting code for readability and preserving

Otherwise, we look for constructive discussion!


Cameron Simpson cs@cskk.id.au

Are you aware of, have you joined, one of the NZPUG branches - nominally Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch, eg https://www.meetup.com/nzpug-auckland/. All hold hybrid meetings (except Wellington, in-person only), thus catering for WfH and folk who live (happily) outside of the main centers.
Regards =dn

@d_n I am several hours away from Wellington and even further from Auckland. By hybrid do you mean video conferencing?

Yes (and no): “hybrid” means both in-person for some, and virtual-attendance for others.

All branches meet monthly - except AKL (because we (think we) are twice as good!)