Hi I'm a beginner and found a typo

Hi recently I started learning python.

And I found a typo in primePy module site
( https://pypi.org/project/primePy/ )

I think, sentence: [primes.facors(n) returns all the prime factors of n with multiplicity.] has typo in paragraph of Available methods.

facors -> factors

if it isn’t just pass it

I am just new beginner and don’t know exactly what to do if I found uncertain typo in the site

so I left it

This has more to do with the primePy project, not the Python language itself. The maintainers of that project might appreciate it if you were to open an issue on the project’s GitHub: https://github.com/janaindrajit/primePy/issues

I did.

If you do open the issue, don’t forget to also make a pull request with the proposed corrections