Hosting PyPy downloads on PSF infrastructure

PyPy is currently hosted on https:/ Atlassian has announced they will close all mercurial repos on bitbucket effective May 31, which affects the PyPy hosting. PyPy has decided to stay with mercurial, and will be transitioning to the foss hosting option at Since that gitlab instance currently does not offer hosting downloads, we are looking for another home for our downloads. As can be seen on that page, we currently have ~800 MB of storage. The last release, at the end of December has generated about 475GB of traffic since Dec 20.

The PyPy websites and are currently hosted via PSF infrastructure. Could the PSF also host the downloads, like they do for CPython?


Hi @mattip! That seems absolutely reasonable. We could use the same CDN infrastructure that’s in front of, but would need a backend. It looks like currently hosts download files. Would that be a suitable origin for the CDN to host files from?

If that works, then it’s really just a matter of getting a domain and CDN service configured to front that host.


Out of curiosity, what were the reasons? And is that decision final?

Ofek: see the FAQ question (and answer)