Hosting zowel voor Python als PHP

Weet iemand welk hosting ik zou moeten nemen die zowel Python als PHP gaat ondersteunen? Ik wil namelijk mijn eenvoudig website systeem opzetten van maximaal 3 GB.

Hello, this is an English-speaking Python forum. Please either ask questions in English or seek a forum in Dutch. Thank you.

Does anyone know which hosting in Europe I should get that will support both Python and PHP? As I want to set up my simple website system of up to 3 GB.

This question is rather out of scope for a forum focused on the Python language, not hosting providers, but with a VPS provider like DigitialOcean you can get a VPS that can run any language you want, including Python and PHP, with around 1 GB of RAM, 10s of GBs of SSD storage and 1 TB of bandwidth for around $5/mo. Most major cloud providers have European datacenters you can select. You might also prefer a more hosted provider depending on your needs, but again that’s really all out of scope here.