How can I download multiple .json files in one go from a site?

Hi all,

I am using where I am hosting several chatbots. For each chatbot it is possible to download a .json file specified by a date interval which stores the chat conversation.

Right now I have to go in manually and download each .json conversation one by one.

I would like to know if it technically possible using a Python script to download these .json conversations in one go for example 10 at a time.

Any ideas, because I am completely blank - and I imagine it is made harder by that you need to log into the account. The site has an API though, but I don’t know how to use it.

Thank you in advance for all ideas and pointers.

What do you mean by “at a time”, and why do you say “technically”? Is it good enough, for example, if running the program once gets multiple files?

Do you know how to use any API? Do you know how to connect to a website URL from a Python program? Or is the problem specifically with this API?

HTTP indeed supports returning multiple files in a single response using the MIME multipart format. However, it’s important to note that this feature must be supported by the specific website. To put it simply, you cannot technically force a website to deliver multiple files within a single HTTP response.

You can request this as a feature from the website provider.